There are six more episodes of True Blood. After that, no more Sookie, no more Be-hill, no more shape-shifters, no more true death, no more of this drain-circling nonsense. [Note: Mild plot spoilers up through last night’s episode follow from here on out.] Arlene can be with Terry again. (Shoulda let her die, Sookie!) Pam can finally chill. Sam can go do whatever his thing is now. It will all be over soon. But before it ends, I have one simple requirement: Sookie and Eric need to bone one last time. This is all I ask.
I have given up on all other True Blood hopes, because what’s the point? Lafayette will never find true happiness. Sookie will never leave Bon Temps. I don’t even care if Jessica and Hoyt figure out a way to make things work, nor do I have any wishes left for Jason Stackhouse, world’s dumbest human. These dreams have all disappeared due to a combination of the show’s scattershot plotting and my own diminishing investments in the various characters. But last night’s episode had one moment that for a hot second reminded me of what I used to like about this show; as Sookie and Eric embraced, it all came back in a flash. Oh, yeah! This show used to be super hot! Longtime fans are entitled to one more sex scene between Eric and Sookie. It is only fair. Think of it as a victory lap, or a trip down sex-memory lane. On a show where every love is a forbidden love, Sookie and Eric’s romance was extra forbidden, and thus extra hot and thus the quintessence of True Blood, and thus an essential part of the show’s endgame.

Vulture’s plea that “We Deserve One More Sookie-and-Eric Sex Scene on True Blood” (via blithedaleromance)

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